Chronometro WebFree

Free use of the Web version without the ability to save settings and to use a URL link to share the time display screen. The administrator shares his screen with viewers so they can see the running time.


Chronometro for Professionals

Use the timer in full operation. Each license corresponds to a unique URL such as chronometro.gr/client-name, providing a lasting connection for other web devices for viewing the timer screen. Viewers can enter the link into their device’s browser and track the running time in real-time. The only interaction they have with the application is the option to view in full screen.


Chronometro on device

Offline mode that supports operation on a device that has two or more monitors connected via HDMI, SVGA with a resolution of 1920×1080. The first – main screen (touch screen is recommended) is used by the administrator and the second – simple screen is for the viewers to view the time display screen.


Speaker timer for any occasion, for any type of device whether there is an internet connection or not